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How does the price of Interlock Curb compare to poured-in-place curb?

Often, Interlock Curb can be installed at less than one-half the price of poured-in-place curbing systems. Precast curbing, manufactured in ideal conditions, allows for maximum efficiencies in production as well as installation.

What are the benefits of Interlock Curb over poured-in-place or asphalt curb?

  • Low price, easy to calculate on a per foot basis. Contact Minnick Concrete Products for a quote on your next job.
  • Interlock Curb installs quickly in almost any weather.
  • This ease of installation (2000 lineal feet/day with three people) provides flexibility in design and scheduling.
  • Interlock Curb is surface installed on the base or finish coat asphalt surface, eliminating parking lot or street construction bottlenecks caused by a delay in the pour-in-place concrete crew.
  • Part of the flexibility is that you can alter the original design and traffic patterns at a future date. Many times the original curb can be reused in the new configuration.

What geographic area does Minnick Concrete Products service?

Our basic service area includes the 10 Midwest states within a 300-400 miles radius from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Occasionally, the curbing job size and specifications have made it feasible to install Interlock Curb at sites located in excess of 1200 miles from our plant location. Please contact our Customer Service Representative for product and freight quotations.

Who do I call to order Interlock Curb?

Interlock Curb is sold through a distributorship network. The distributor can provide site plan takeoff services, deliver product to the job site or deliver and install the curb, depending on your specific needs. Please call Minnick Concrete at (800) 342-5676 or e-mail us @ for a complete list of distributors in your area.

How does the curb arrive at the job site?

Each order of Interlock Curb is palletized and shipped on an individual job basis. Truckload quantities typically can include up to 1500 lineal feet of 6" curb or 2300 lineal feet of 4" curb.

How long is each section?

The standard length of the typical straight section is 3 feet. Short sections and radius pieces range from 8" to 36" in length.

How much does it weigh?

The 6" profile Interlock Curb weighs 31 pounds per lineal foot. The 4" profile weighs 21 pounds per lineal foot. The standard 3’ straight pieces, therefore, weigh 93 lbs., And 63 lbs., respectively.

How do you attach the precast curbing to asphalt or concrete?

The curb comes preset with magnesium alloy spikes for installation on asphalt. Interlock Curb can be installed on concrete pavement by removing the preset asphalt spikes and substituting concrete nails and washers. To install the curb on gravel, remove the preset spikes and replace with manufacturer approved landscape nails. In addition to the fastening system, curb adhesives are recommended which greatly improve the stability of the final installation. Finally, Interlock Curb must receive compacted backfill the entire height of the curb section. The backfill, in conjunction with the tongue and grooved ends, twisted anchoring spike, and overall profile design, combine to keep the curb in place.

Are radius pieces the same price as straight pieces?

Interlock Curb is sold at the same low price per foot for radius pieces as well as straight pieces. Versatility in configuring islands and curves provide for aesthetic design capabilities without the expensive handwork normally associated with the pouring of radius curb lines.

What about voluntary alternates?

Interlock Curb provides a cost saving voluntary alternate that can help bring your next job in on budget.

How many people does it take to install the curbing?

Three workers can install up to 2000 lineal feet in one day. The number of people and the type of material handling equipment necessary to complete the installation are determined by the design configuration of the curb layout.

Can it be installed in rain or winter weather?

When other jobs are at a standstill, many times the installation of Interlock Curb continues on schedule. This precast surface applied system allows ease of handling and installation in some of the most inclement weather situations.

Are the fastening spikes included?

Yes, the twisted-shank maganese alloy spikes, for asphalt surface installations, are pre-installed in each section of curbing.

How do I nail the spikes into the asphalt?

Nailing adapters designed to attach to a Hilti TE55 electric hammer drill make quick work of the nailing process. They are available through your Interlock Curb Distributor.

What about snowplows, trucks?

When installed properly, Interlock Curb provides for a durable installation, even in the path of snowplows. The choice of backfill material, especially at high impact areas, is an important factor in the overall performance of the Interlock Curb System. In addition, the 7,000 PSI concrete is designed to receive high impact and, in conjunction with the rebar reinforcement and tongue and groove ends, distributes the impact evenly along the curb line.

Does grass grow between the curb sections?

Interlock Curb is designed for a tight fit that keeps unsightly growth to a minimum.

Is Interlock Curb difficult to repair?

No. A damaged piece of Interlock Curb can be removed and replaced in minutes by normal maintenance personnel. The damaged piece is removed and the pieces on either side are loosened. This allows the replacement piece to be slid into place easily.

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